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Room Construction Tips


Prior to installation of the Bacchus system, all walls and ceilings should be well insulated, and a vapor barrier installed.  It is also recommended to add one inch of polystyrene (R Value of 5) to insure a high R value. Each inch of fiberglass batting adds about 3.5 R value, and 1/2” of drywall (or Greenboard-also recommended for damp area’s such as a wine cellar) add’s another half. So with three and a half inches of fiberglass (12.25 R), one inch polystyrene (5 R) and 1/2” drywall or greenboard (.5 R) total out nearly 18 R, which does more than an adequate job. Many cellars get by with heavily packed glass only, which seems to do an adequate job, but a vapor barrier is essential. 


Vapor Barrier


Also essential to a well constructed room is a vapor barrier. It is no more than plastic sheeting (4 mil is good), that is tacked down on all insulated walls and ceilings prior to drywall or greenboard installation. It will not allow humidity to exit, or enter into your conditioned space.  Bacchus prides itself on accurately controlling humidity as it will add or subtract it to maintain required levels.  So it is necessary to isolate your wine cellar from all surrounding spaces. 

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