The ultimate wine cellar control system in the world.

Bacchus Cellar Systems provides custom cooling and humidifying equipment for commercial and residential wine cellars along with redwood racking and custom layouts. Our systems regulate an optimal environment for the long term preservation of fine wines. Elegant stainless steel ceiling mounted units, or ducted systems are available.


Ceiling Mount Unit

Ducted Evaporator


Bacchus Cellar Systems integrate exact temperature control and optimal humidity (50-70% RH) along with a streamlined, stainless steel ceiling mounted evaporator with a low noise double tangential blower. Its patented temperature/ humidity control allows for a constant supply of optimal cellar conditions. This split system concept places the condensing unit away from the living space and moves the compressor and fan noise to a less obtrusive location. One quiet evaporator fan produces maximum air flow with the lowest decibel output possible.

It’s in the Cork. The greatest wines on earth can soon be found in your own home. Proper cellaring of your fine wines will preserve the vintages while they mature in the right temperature and relative humidity. Most experts agree that the perfect temperature to store your wine is 55°F. Any higher temperature can prematurely age wine as the bottle expands and the wine passes through the cork. Later, when the bottle cools, a vacuum is created, bringing oxygen back into the bottle. This unwanted rapid oxidation process can quickly destroy the finest wine

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